In a world that never sleeps, time is a precious commodity, how you spend that time makes it priceless. What you do in that time to make a change is your legacy. Make every second count.

As a family business it has long been a vision of ours, to use our platform and knowledge of our trade to give back. Our aim is to support those who are selfless, and that go the extra mile for no reward, but to know that they have made a difference to others.

With this in mind our company have set up this charitable funding platform “The Rankin Family Foundation”.

“There are some amazing and selfless people in our world, trying to make a difference. If we, as a company, can help these people along the way, it will mean a lot to me personally.”

Jodie Rankin

“Until we know better, we can’t be better. And we must be better.”

Daisy Rankin

At the heart of every home is the family pet. The recent pandemic along with environmental issues had the world on its knees, affecting not just our children and future generations, but also the animals of the world that are often forgotten, mistreated and abused.

We are calling to set up a Family Foundation that gives to those who selflessly dedicate their time in supporting social and economic issues, along with supporting animals and our planet.

Rankin’s Jewellers has reached out to its celebrity network and supporters, of well known names and faces to back us with our family movement – kicking off with a signature white gold & diamond dog tag and three tiered necklace.

All profits will go to the Foundation. Each and every month a chosen animal charity, sanctuary or remarkable individual will be selected and donated to. The Rankin Family Foundation will dedicate a page on this website and across social media to keep you updated on individual donations – follow our story as the funds make real impact and change.

Every penny counts and will be accounted for.

100% proceeds from the Rankin’s K9 Signature Range will go to the Foundation.

As the Rankin Family Foundation grows, we plan to create a worldwide community of supporters, where donations, narratives and updates will be accessible to all.

To start we will advertise via socials, by word of mouth and in the media.

“In giving comes much reward”

On behalf of Jodie and Daisy Rankin and the entire Rankin Family.